Developmental Disabilities Services in NJ and AL - What Is Available

Coping with developmental disabilities can be very difficult. Having to send a loved one to receive extra attention is something which needs to be weighed with a great amount of thought and rigor. When you’re faced with this prospect, you should choose a trusted name that is going to let your loved one move at their own speed to optimal recovery. DDD NJ and Behavioral Health AL destination, Capitol Care and Capitol Care South are a distinguished name in behavioral health programs and services.
  • Philosophy
Capitol Care has facilities in New Jersey and Capitol Care South in Alabama. At both locations the treatment philosophy is simple; to help every individual take ownership of their life by empowering them in their recovery. Whether it’s out-patient treatment, residential care in their New Jersey facility of a lifelong condition, or other treatment, the team at Capitol Care looks at everyone as individuals with their own story. This breath of individualized care is a refreshing and upbeat attitude towards those with developmental disabilities.
  • Core Beliefs
The core beliefs guide the mission of Capitol Care and Capitol Care South. It’s these values which allow individuals to harness their own strength and re-discover life. These core beliefs include informed choice and empowerment; two things which individuals and their families receiving their care cherish. Another important core belief is that inclusion is the right of all people. This attitude is reflected in Capitol Care’s success. Finally, the team at Capitol Care strives to achieve responsible and flexible supports with outcomes. Capitol Care and Capitol Care South want all individuals to be able to live their lives with happiness and independence.
  • Residential Services
Having to choose a residential services provider for your family member can be tough; you want them to be taken care of the same as they would at home. People of all ages with developmental disabilities often need special care. You want to be sure that the space your loved one will be living will work towards their recovery and happiness in living out their days.
Capitol Care has DDD NJ residential services located in a natural setting for the developmentally disabled. Their setting offers patient focused care for all their residents. With up to 24 hour staffing and a hands on approach to daily living, the Capitol Care team has been instrumental in creating individualized paths for residents with developmental disabilities. In a safe and secure setting, the therapy and treatment teams help set realistic, attainable, measurable goals which each individual can look to and be proud of.
  • Adult Day Services
The adult day service portion of treatment at Capitol Care provides DDD NJ approved treatment for folks with developmental disabilities. Monday through Friday from 9AM-3PM individuals are assigned with a clinical specialist who will help them develop skills in community integration. Adult day services treatment at Capitol Care assists individuals in personal development, life skills, and goal setting.

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  1. DDD helps provide residential services yet at merriam gateway apts there are apts being rented for over a year with no people in them, and you rent apts for months without having people in them! WASTEFUL WASTEFUL WASTEFUL. something is wrong here.