Individuals with autism can be effective workers and great employees. If given the chance, they can handle jobs with great skill and enthusiasm. As we've mentioned before, we are proponents of providing individuals with the necessary skill set to encourage success. By providing individualized programs, we believe that anyone can give back to their community, and furthermore, succeed in professional careers. Here are six examples of careers or industries that are especially perfect for autistic individuals.

1) Technicians or Researchers

Individuals with autism are really good at focusing on a specific area, which makes them valuable as astronomers (concentrating on deep space anomalies), lab technicians (looking for unique cells), biological researchers (spotting the differences among species) or gemologists or antique appraisers (looking for particular qualities of an object).

2) Artists or Caretakers

Individuals with autism can spend a lot of time on their own focusing on a specific task.  This comes in handy when working as a forest ranger or artist, for example. They can thrive as caretakers at an estate, gardeners or horticulturalists. People with autism also do well in managing things or systems in ways that can be a wonderful addition to jobs involving time spent alone.

3) Museum Professionals

Individuals with autism can be very passionate people and enjoy working on individual items. This can make them effective in a museum, lab or university environment. People with autism can examine specific artifacts or textiles in an area of interest.

4) Computer Science and Design Professionals

Individuals with autism can really zero in on a specific task, such as is required in constructing architectural models or in industrial design. Some of them can see a two-dimensional picture as a three-dimensional object. This is a plus in helping design things on a computer, for example.

5) Hospital or Military Careers

Individuals with autism typically need structure in their lives. Any workplace that demands structure, such as a hospital, can benefit from relying on autistic people to perform specific tasks. Autistic people also respond well to the highly structured military environment.

6) Animal Specialists 

Many individuals with autism love animals and can be a valuable asset to have on a farm, pet store or aquarium. They can care for a horse on a farm or even at a racetrack. People with autism would be a great addition to a zoo or petting farm, where they can work as zookeepers or animal curators. They can also be an animal technician or a veterinarian.

In truth, there is no limit to what an individual with autism can accomplish with the right guidance. Many people with autism have become successful living and working every day and contribute to their communities. They are eager to embrace career options that match their passions or interests, and some go on to earn college degrees. With an open mind, any employer can really benefit in hiring autistic people. With the right support, people with autism can really be wonderful employees.

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