Mental Health Issues and Treating the Symptoms

It’s not always easy for those in need of mental health services in Alabama to get a full diagnosis as quickly as they may need it, but with dedicated care and early attention, it’s possible to identify and alleviate symptoms of poor mental health even if difficult to designate the illness.

In a recent report in the February issue of Medical Care, experts researched the impact of mental health symptoms that had adverse effects on individuals in their work and social lives.  The research advocated for interventions on behalf of those who met diagnostic criteria for mental illness as well as those considered to have ‘subclinical levels of symptoms.’ 

Mental Health Symptoms
The study followed the relationship between mental health symptoms—not diagnoses—and work-related outcomes.  Charting employment status and outcomes, experts were able to highlight the effects of mental health symptoms in individuals who may or may not have been diagnosed.

A significant number of Americans were found to have poor mental health without meeting the full diagnostic criteria associated with a specific mental illness.  This disparity in diagnosis resulted in patients who did not receive the full treatment they needed.  Such studies found:
·      Those who felt significant anxiety or depression did not always qualify for the full diagnosis of each
·      Depression symptoms had a greater impact on workforce interaction than did anxiety symptoms
·      Symptoms of panic attacks and social phobia had a less significant impact on work roles

Authors of this study point out that while these patients may not meet a certain criteria for a specific diagnosis, it does not mean they can’t be considered mentally “healthy.”  Requiring such a high standard for full treatment, the study suggests, could underestimate the work and life impact that mental health issues have on these individuals.

Proposing policies that promote workplace-targeted interventions, the study referenced the immediate, personal benefits to those living un-diagnosed, as well as to employers who could see an improvement in the functioning and productivity of their workforce.  As improved mental health leads to better physical health and an overall happier life, individuals who receive treatment can contribute to a happier and healthier working environment.

Capitol Care seeks to assist the people of Alabama and surrounding areas with quality, efficient mental health services.  Bringing complete assistance and thorough care to those who need it, we know the importance of a life that is physically and mentally healthy.  Our successful approach to treatment and recovery is proven daily in the lives of participants and alumnae of Capitol Care South.