Why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Monitors Developmental Disorders

State Funded Organizations to Help Individuals with Developmental Disabilities A developmental disability is characterized as a chronic mental and/or physical disability diagnosed prior to 22 years of age, and impact activities like learning, mobility, language, independent living and self help. Good news is that such individuals can also live healthy, happy lives. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) monitors and keeps track of the population estimate of school aged children facing any type of developmental disabilities.

Several disorders coming within the periphery of developmental disabilities are:
· Cerebral palsy
· Autism spectrum disorders
· Intellectual disabilities
· Spina bifida
· Epilepsy
· Traumatic brain injuries
· Neurological impairment

 The CDC’s monitored results help in supporting the funding of state and local schedules conducted especially for developmentally disabled children. Such children usually need financial assistance, and also medical and educational services throughout their lives. CDC makes the going more productive and healthier for them by conducting specific schedules. DDD NJ since its origin in 1959 has grown significantly and is funding services to thousands of individuals facing developmental disability. The DDD NJ provides funding for facilities like community residences, group homes, and supervised apartments to the eligible individuals. Capitol Care, Inc. is funded by the Division of Developmental Disabilities in New Jersey. Capitol Care in New Jersey and Alabama aim to meet the comprehensive behavioral health needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. They believe that mental health plays a crucial role in an individual’s quality of life and hence has developed a comprehensive recovery program for individuals having developmental disabilities and/or mentally illness. Using the strength of the individual, this agency tries to enhance his/her personal development and aims to achieve the highest level of wellness possible.

 In New Jersey, Capitol Care offers residential treatment in natural surroundings. Individuals enrolled for their developmental disabilities get therapeutic, clinical and person centered residential treatment from a caring and skilled team. The staff is well trained in the different clinical areas needed to provide assistance in the health and well-being of the individuals. It aims to make them independent through its compassionate, patient, dedicated approach. Its focus is on helping the individuals to develop skills in personal development, life management, goal setting, and community integration.

 To request more information about screening, eligibility and admissions at the New Jersey, visit www.capitol-care.org and www.capitolcaresouth.com for Alabama.

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