Think Your Teen Has Prescription Drug Addiction or Abuse? Top Warning Signs and Drugs

Government surveys show that every day 2,000 teens use prescription drugs without a doctor's consent.  Prescription drug abuse among children has become shockingly more prevalent in the past few years.  More importantly, many teens won't stop after their first time which can quickly lead to a dependence upon these drugs.  While these teens have the ability to easily gain access to these drugs, few of them are aware of the dangerous risks they are taking.

Recreational prescription drug use is growing rapidly among teens, and the reasons why are numerous.  Peer pressure is what leads most teens to try for the first time, but what happens next is more chemical than anything.  Many teens find that these drugs have a pleasurable psychological effect on them, which makes teens want to use again in the future.  As tolerance to a drug increases, the doses and methods of taking the drug can become more extreme and dangerous.  Some alarming reports say teens are snorting and even taking the drugs intravenously.  These are obvious signs of addiction, other warning signs can elude to a teen with a potential addiction.
The signals of drug abuse can be very blatant, but often times a perceptive person can notice the small signs before larger ones arrive.  For example, large mood swings, being extremely hyper or sedate, sleeping too much or too little, and even stealing, forging, or selling the prescriptions can be red flags.  These are some of the side affects related to using OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax, Valium, and Adderall, which are some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs.  Some teens have been known to "lose" their medications or even go so far as to request multiple prescriptions from different doctors in order to stay high.  Identifying drug abuse as early as possible is important, and in some cases can save a life.

Getting help to someone suffering with addiction can be a tricky path to navigate.  It is normal for the person to become angry and deny their use.  He or she may say or do things that could be bad for their relationships with those that want to help, but it is necessary to stay understanding and patient.  Always encourage your loved one to be open about his or her use and to accept the assistance that is being offered.  This alone can build the necessary trust to begin treatment for such addictions.

Capitol Care specializes in substance abuse in New Jersey, but similar establishments are available all over the country.  The aim of Capitol Care is to treat persons dealing with substance abuse with the professional guidance and dignity they deserve.  Multiple sessions are available in order to provide the best possible resolution.  Visit the Capitol Care website for more information on treatments and availability.  If you have a loved one that is being troubled by drug addiction, seek help immediately.  You may be saving someone's life.


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