The Family Guide to Bipolar Disorder: New Jersey

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that commonly affects both men and women. Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that affects a person’s mood and energy. It typically develops in a person during his late teens or early adulthood, but can even begin in small children. In kids, bipolar symptoms are often expressed by intense emotional states that are either overly excited states, or depressive states. The good news for the families of people suffering from bipolar disorder is that there are treatment options. For people living in New Jersey,mental health options are available with Capitol Care.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over half of those with bipolar disorder have cases that started before the age of 25. Although this disorder begins in many children, the severity of the symptoms, often do not come out until a person is an adult. Symptoms of bipolar disorder vary based on the person, age and severity of the disorder. For some children, bipolar comes out in the form of acting overly silly, having an extremely short temper, being extremely sad for a long period of time, losing interest in normal activities and feeling worthless. Numerous behavioral changes also occur with bipolar, such as feeling tired, having trouble focusing, complaining about body aches, losing or gaining a lot of weight, feeling a loss of energy and experiencing suicidal thoughts. As a person ages, the symptoms generally worsen. Adults with bipolar disorder typically have problems performing normal daily tasks. With treatment, however, people with this disorder are often able to carry on normal, productive lives.

People, who suspect that a loved one has this, should seek help from experts. Capitol Care is an organization that specializes in treating New Jersey residents with bipolar. This organization focuses on diagnosing behavioral health issues and other mental illnesses, and treating it. They offer numerous locations all throughout the state, making it convenient for all residents of New Jersey.

Capitol Care takes a different approach for treatment and recovery for people diagnosed with bipolar disorder. They have helped many people over the years, and have a great percentage of success. This organization’s philosophy focuses on the lifelong recovery journey of the individuals who they help. They take each case on an individual basis, and realize that no two cases are identical. Capitol Care believes in four core beliefs: informed choice, empowerment, inclusion is the right of all people and responsive and flexible supports with outcomes.

Living with someone with bipolar disorder is extremely stressful, and many people cannot do it alone. It is not only difficult for the person suffering; it is difficult for other family members as well and can cause strain on a family. Capitol Care understands how difficult this is, and they are there to help. They have a tremendous amount of experience with this, and are trained to use medical and clinical methods for diagnosing and treating people with this. 

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