How to Choose the Right Recovery Plan and Treatment Program for Those with Weakening Mental Health

Watching a loved family member or friend experience mental health problems is difficult for anyone, especially as the symptoms progress, reducing the person’s abilities to tackle day to day tasks.  It isn’t always possible to be on hand at all times for your loved one, making it essential to locate a facility capable of taking care of them. Of course there are many options available for you when residing in New Jersey, which makes it imperative to select the best facility capable of not only caring for the individual but treats them with respect and kindness. For this, you need to really study up on the different New Jersey mental health facilities and the different recovery plans they have to offer.

Partial Care Services

As an individual first begins to show the signs of a mental disorder, they do not immediately need full care, 24-hours a day, as they are still capable of performing most of their daily tasks on their own. For this, partial care services are recommended. This option in New Jersey mental health locations allow the person being treated to stay home most of the time, but does have some structure and services set up for specific times of the day. This is beneficial as it provides set times for activities, such as art, recreation and counseling. Outside of counseling, most activities take place in a group setting, allowing your loved one to spend time with other individuals experiencing many of the same symptoms. Each New Jersey mental health facility has different schedules and class options, so it is vital to investigate exactly what is available.

Transitional Partial Care Services

You live a busy life, and it isn’t always possible for you to spend every moment with your loved one. For this, many New Jersey mental health facilities offer transitional partial care services. This is when a person does need some help no more than five days a week, but you are unable to be around, due to scheduling conflicts. Transitional options allow you to take in your family member or friend into the New Jersey mental health facility at set times in your schedule, for the required duration. You do need to create a schedule with the provider, as the more heads up time you give them the better, but many New Jersey mental health locations are willing to work with you, as they understand events come up, often with little to no warning.

Co-Occurring Services

Many New Jersey mental health locations offer a third option, known as co-occurring services. This is for individuals requiring more monitoring, but you still want to keep at home during the evening time and the weekends. This is helpful when watching over a parent that lives with you, but you must go to work during the week. Co-occurring services essentially means your loved one spends half the time with the New Jersey mental health service provider, generally during normal work hours of the week. During these times there are set group activities.

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