Top Warning Signs of Adolescent Substance Abuse NJ

Addictions help in is available for adolescent substance abuse NJ. If you believe your teen needs to overcome his or her substance abuse or dependency, or you are just not able to determine if something is going on, it may be time to turn to experts for help. As a parent, you may know that your child is going through numerous changes as a teen. It is part of life. However, it is clear that in some cases, those changes are not natural and are being caused by abuse or dependency on a substance you know is not good for them. But, sometimes it can be hard to see when there is a problem and when the symptoms are just normal teen behavior. When you are not sure, you can turn to Capitol Care, Inc., for more information and for substance use help. To start, here are some thoughts.

Adolescents are growing and changing but the possibility of suffering from substance abuse NJ is very real. It is something that affects all types of kids, from the smartest kids to those that are just scraping by. Consider the following warning signs you should take action for whenever you notice them occurring in your child.

·         Your teen has emotional changes that keep the child persistently sad or feeling hopeless.
·         The child cries suddenly and often without any noticeable reason.
·         The child is displaying behavior that is not normal to them and may be bizarre. This includes rambling speech or having a tantrum. In some cases, the child may become paranoid about things that never bothered them previously.
·         The child may develop phobias. This may include fears that do not seem logical and may seem to be exaggerated.
·         There are often changes that occur at the school level, too. This includes a drop in school performance or interests in extracurricular activities.
·         You may notice that the child is isolating him or herself, even if he or she was an active child with many friends. Often, they may begin to introduce new friends, who may or may not be a good influence on them. The child may threaten to hurt themselves . They may have a harder time expressing themselves, and when they do it may done in a violent, depressing, or agitated manner. Sometimes, they may be unreasonable and hard to understand.
·         The child may make significant changes to his or her appearance. This may include getting tattoos or body piercings, or wearing a different style of clothing. Look for things that are out of the ordinary.

If you notice signs like this in your child, it becomes critical for you to take action. Of course, try to talk to them first. It is normal for teens to experiment with their appearance and to be going through mood swings. But be smart about when it seems dangerous or hurtful to them or to others, Capitol Care, Inc., an addictions treatment provider in NJ can help you to give your child the help and reassurance needed. Substance abuse is not something to turn a blind eye to, even if it is just starting. It is something to take action with now, so that you get a better outcome from treatment and help.

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